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New Career Perspectives for Medical Staff in Germany
Double Your Chances – Leave UK, join UUKK!

Brexit is becoming an element of uncertainty for many EU-citizens. Especially British employees fear the risks and possible repercussions of Britain leaving the European Union.

One thing, however, is sure to remain: The question of what’s next? Loosing the benefits and security guaranteed by the EU is a fact. Having a plan B in order to secure one’s livelihood and a stable income can provide some peace of mind. At WKK, we can offer that – and so much more.

WKK welcomes you! Whom we are looking for

At the Westküstenkliniken, we provide the highest quality of medical and care services for our patients – and we set an example in terms of employee satisfaction and benefits.

To continue to live up to our standards, WE NEED YOU:

  • Registered intensive care nurses for ICU and IMC duty.
  • Delivery nurses
  • Operating nurses for our state-of-the-art surgery.
  • Emergency physicians (advanced training preferred)
  • Neurologists
  • Nephrologists
  • Pediatricians (advanced training preferred)
  • Speech therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists

Couldn’t find your job profile? We are still looking forward to reading your application wirpflegen(at)

What we offer at WKK: Don’t take chances on Brexit – seize the opportunity!

Whether you are a (former) German citizen and feel the urge to return home, or you live in another EU-country, looking for secure job environment – the Westkuesten-Kliniken offer above-average salaries, attractive employer benefits, healthy food provided by our canteen, a pleasant work environment, as well as additional benefits and great work-life balance at our picturesque seaside locations.

We assist applicants from abroad at filing all the necessary paperwork and provide support at finding accomodation.

Language plays an especially important role in a hospital environment. We support your language development with specific training at our house (bedside-teaching), as well as outside work hours, so you will be able to communicate with your colleagues and patients – quickly and confidently.

The WKK: State-of-the-art medicine – right by the seaside

The Westküstenkliniken are a modern hospital with central priority care responsibility and a high level of specialisation and innovation. At our 23 houses and institutes located in Brunsbüttel und Heide we are able to provide inpatient care for 31,000 patients and ambulatory care for 38,000 patients per year.

With our 773 beds, we are Schleswig Holstein’s third largest hospital company and the most significant hospital on the west coast.

Caring for the community – our emergency services

For the people of Western Schleswig-Holstein as well on its islands and holms, our emergency care provides fast services wherever needed. Our house is reached within minutes by the rescue helicopter via the modern landing pad. With our certified trauma unit, highly capable stroke unit, neuro-surgery, cardiac catheterization lab and perinatal centre with the highest priority care responsibility, we are prepared to take in, and provide optimal care for all emergency patients.

Ahead of the curve – our integrated medical care unit

When it comes to caring for our patients, our approach is driven by innovation. We have garnered nationwide attention by transforming our hospital at the major industrial hub Brunsbuettel into an integrated medical care unit. We combine the capability of a highly efficient hospital with the skills of independent physiscians. In concert with a closely knit telemedical linkage between our house and the Heide hospital we are able to ensure for our local patients premium medical care in the long term.

Dedicated to the future – academic teaching facility

The Westküstenkliniken serve as an academic teaching facility for the universities of Kiel, Lübeck and Hamburg

Become part of Germany’s happiest region! Top reasons for working and living in Dithmarschen

Work where other people go on vacation: Enjoy the rugged beauty of Germany’s North Sea coast. Our region was repeatedly proven to have the highest quality of life in the entire country. This is where Germany’s happiest people live! More on these statistics can be found here: and here (websites and movies in German language).

Some of the benefits of living and working here:

  • affordable housing and living expenses
  • good access to major German and other European cities via Hamburg
  • Scandinavia as a “next-door-neighbour” – the happiest part of the world is right around the corner and can be reached within roughly two hours by car.
Leave UK, join UUKK!
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